Panels for sectional garage doors are made of galvanized steel painted pursuant to the RAL chart. The filling is made of polyurethane without CFS gas (maximum environmental protection). We use panels of 615 mm height and 42 mm thickness for production of our garage doors which provide maximum safety as well as thermal and sound insulation.
Elementi panels for garage door

1. Specially shaped panel ending to enable finger protection
2. Steel cassette panel of 42 mm thickness
3. Polyurethane filling (without CFC gas in order to protect environment) and to ensure maximum thermal and sound insulation
4. Metal strengthening on the panel for hinge assembling
5. Specially shaped panel’s bottom part which ensures perfect adherence

In our standard offer we have at our disposal two types of panels, such as: panels with blocks (Blocks) and flat “ribbed” panels (Ribs). We offer them in two basic colors: white and brown. If requested so by a client, we can offer other colors given in the RAL card, with special charge. Besides this, we also offer panels of Golden Oak. It is important to emphasize that the inner side of the panel is always white, which ensures maximum lighting of the garage or spatial area which is being closed by sectional garage doors.

White panel with “blocks” (Blocks)
Brown panel with “blocks” (Blocks)
Flat “ribbed” panel (Ribs)
Panel with “blocks” in tree décor (Block-Golden Oak)

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