IDEAL PVC window series 
Although windows make up only 8% of the building envelope They cause nearly 40% of heat loss of the building. 

It is therefore important to choose the appropriate system to suit your individual needs. SU-MA Plast offers a myriad of PVC window systems that are compatible with each other and who meet the requirements of different local markets.

PVC Profile

If you decide to buy our window, this means you have deiced to buy a system with five-chamber profile Aluplast, serial IDELA 4000 and IDEAL 5000 constructed and manufactured in a German Enterprise Aluplast GnbH Kunststoffprofile, which means it meets all demands of modern architecture.



ALU Profile

Several types of profiles are used in production of aluminum windows and doors, such as aluminum with thermal switch (ceased thermal bridge) which is excellent for outer windows and doors and cold aluminum which is used for internal barriers or under equable weather conditions throughout the year.



Panels for sectional garage doors are made of galvanized steel painted pursuant to the RAL chart. The filling is made of polyurethane without CFS gas (maximum environmental protection). We use panels of 615 mm height and 42 mm thickness for production of our garage doors which provide maximum safety as well as thermal and sound insulation.



Elegant design, various styles, interesting surfaces, harmony, stunning light effects-all these can be achieved by ALUCOBOND composite panels. ALUCOBOND is an easy composite material combining two aluminum plate 0,5 mm thick, with a polyurethane filling of 2-5 mm thick. Total thickness of the panel is 3-6 mm, but standard panel dimensions are: 1250x4000 mm, 1500x4000 mm, 1500x3200 mm, up to maximum value 1575x8000 mm.



IZO When it comes to thermal, solar and sound insulation, as well as the esthetic s, glass is the most important element of the window. The glass we use nowadays in architecture is IZO glass. Common terms used for this kind of glass are Thermal insulation glass or Termopan package.

IZO glass is consisted of two glass panels, mostly 4 mm thick, connected along the edge with 16 mm space between each other. Connection between two glass panels must ensure adherence in order to prevent passage of humid air. The space in between is filled with dry air (dew point around -30 C)or another gas like Argon, Krypton, etc...


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