About US

"ŠU-MA Plast" company was founded in 1989 thanks to domestic and foreign investments. The seat of enterprise is in Bijeljina, north-eastern part of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of largest and oldest enterprises in Balkans involved in production of PVC  joinery. From the first days, the enterprise was focused on to use of modern materials and technologies with a goal to manufacture a product of western European quality. Confirmation of quality of our products is the export to markets of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.
PVC joinery (profiles, metal supports and thermal-insulation glass)  manufactured by "ŠU-MA Plast" company is made the most qualitative semi-finished goods that were manufactured by distinguished world manufacturers.
Our assortment is consisted of the following products:

. Windows
. Balcony doors
. Entrance doors (more than 60 various types)
. Sliding doors
. Elbow doors
. Sectional garage doors (house and industrial)
. Aluminum and PVC shutters (with mechanical and electro -lifting)
. Insect nets (rolling and fixed type)
. Window benches and rain-drain collectors
. Window covers
Our products undergo annual testing in German institutes and have quality certificate meeting RAL and ISO standards.
Since March 2007 we have been using new profile (from a new producer) for manufacture of our  products. That is Aluplast GmbH Kunststoffprofile using top PVC profile ALUPLAST IDEAL 4000 (5-chamber profile  with two sealing gaskets) and 5000(5-chamber profile  with three sealing gaskets). The profile includes five chambers with either two or three sealing gaskets and it has been proven as an excellent thermal and sound insulator. 
Basic profile color is white, but if wanted so by a customer, the profile may be over-coated by most qualitative folios from RAL-catalogue. Within our production facilities, there is line for production thermal-insulation glass.
Metal supports which we use for installation into our products, originate from a distinguished manufacturer MACO, serial MULTI-TREND. Our windows open in standard way+ prone position, although we also produce slide and elbow openings.
Our production facilities cover over 8000 m2 of space, where 100 high -qualitative and qualified workers work on modern machines. Approx 100-120 windows and doors of all dimensions can be produced on daily basis. Production process involves the section for market  research as well as IT section (Information Technologies). Our premises are equipped with newest computer equipment connected into the qualitative and efficient informatics network. Most of the software we use in the company was created by our programmers. We have formed the section for market research and analysis in order to follow joinery trends, as well as general trends in domestic  and international markets. Our production capacities can meet demands of all, starting from individual housing facilities, business areas, and market centers up to large hosing facilities. Teams for mounting set an example of professional and team work.
Besides exhibition rooms in Bijeljina, SU-MA Plast company has branches in Banja Luka and Tuzla, and sales managers in Brcko, Modrica, Doboj, Derventa,Sarajevo. Zenica, Trebinje, Prijedor, Gacko, Gradiska, Prnjavor, Sremska Mitrovica, Sabac. Within the system of SU-MA Plast enterprise, there is  the  enterprise  "SU-MA Plast NS" limited liability company in Novi Sad, "SU-MA Plast BG" limited liability company in Belgrade, "SU-MA Plast PG" limited liability company in Podgorica and "SU-MA Plast NS-Loznica" unit in Loznica. 
Our company is focused to spread business activity over regions we did small or not do business at all so-far, whereas  human and technical potentials allow us to do qualitative work. 
In September 2003 we have founded "ŠU-MA Doors" Company involved in production, selling and installation of sectional garage doors.
There are two types of sectional garage doors:
House garage doors
. Mechanical
. Garage doors with an electro-engine
  Industrial garage doors
. Mechanical
. Garage doors with an electro-engine
Within the first year, we have succeeded to produce and deliver 1500 garage door units. The production capacity is approx.220 units per month, and thanks to the expansion of production facilities in 2006, the capacity had increased to 350 units per month. Currently, we sell garage doors in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia,  Republic of Austria, Switzerland and Croatia.
In January 2005, we have initiated a line for production of aluminum joinery and facades (structural, semi-structural , continuous and alu-bond facades). We use profiles manufactured by distinguished green manufacturer "ALUMIL" to produce aluminum joinery .Systems we use are as follows:
. M9400 cold system
. M9650 system with 18 mm thermal switch off 
. M11000 system with 24 mm thermal switch off 
Glass pending self-supporting facades are also produced from Greek manufacturer "ALUMIL" profiles. Systems we use are as follows:
1 )  M1 Solar Standard for continuous facades 
2 )  M3 Solar Semi Structural for semi-structural facades 
Since January 1, 2008, "ŠU-MA Plast" company united with "ŠU-MA Doors" company  and ever since we have been functioning as one company.
"ŠU-MA Plast" Company is the company following all trends and events in world's market of semi-finished goods and PVC joinery production machines. As technologies change and improve, we accept them and apply, all in order to enhance quality of services we offer to our clients. Quality of our products is on European and world's levels

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