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Production, sale and installation of alloy and PVC products of all types and sizes at very affordable prices ...

The comfort and security of a home is more than a strong roof and solid walls. The real design and installed windows and doors can make a big difference in your home, not only aesthetically, but also plenty of light, air circulation enough, the effective thermal and sound insulation and safety.

PVC Entrance doors

In order to be adequately solid, safe, beautiful and properly functioning during their lifetime, it is very important that PVC doors are produced from appropriate PVC profiles for entrance doors. Nowadays in market you may find various suppliers offering PVC profile doors, but in order to gain lower price, their products lack appropriate characteristics.  If you want to have proper PVC entrance door, they must be produced of wide door frame profile containing squared steel to consolidate door as well as the wide door wing for PVC doors. Total visible width of the door wing must be 120 mm, but the visible width of door frame is 80 mm.


PVC windows

PVC doors and manufacturing of PVC windows

Our PVC windows and balcony doors provide light and protect your home from noise and wind. Of course, it is important to know how your PVC windows were made. Therefore, we take care of tinniest details when it comes to the manufacturing of PVC doors and windows. Now we will tray to present you details you need to take care of , no matter if you will buy PVC windows from us, or from another manufacturer. ŠU-MA Plast windows will make you feel safe, even when it is cold weather outside, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation. The heat will remain where it is supposed, i.e. inside the house.


PVC Sliding doors

Push-sliding balcony door ( Paralel-schiebe-kipp turen—mechanism ) 

PVC push-sliding balcony door are produced as so-called semi-automatic frame for the push-sliding systems. With this type of door, the wing will not “drop” into prone position by itself, but has to be pulled manually (like with classic system) and also a wing must manually be returned from prone into the shut position by turning the handle.


Windows Benches

PVC Inner window benches
If looking for an attractive alternative for inner wooden, marble or chipboard window bench let , then you should have look at our PVC inner benches palette. PVC benches are very resistant to temperature, humidity, sun light, scratches.


Masquito netting curtains

An insect net is produced out of fiberglass coated with several PVC layers. An insect fiberglass is ideal   material for housing, industrial and agricultural facilities and protects them from flies, mosquitoes and small bug in general. It ensures maximum ventilation and maximum protection. Advantages of the fiberglass insect net are as follows:



Aluminum shutters

Shutters are traditional device for sun protection. Shutters are placed on the outer side of the window, and prevent breakthrough of the strongest sun rays, in a way that those can not even reach the window itself. That way, temperature in premises remains pleasant event during hot summer season. On the other side, during cold winter nights, the layer of air between shut down shutters and the window manifests as an additional insulation. This is how heat remains in the premises of the house/building. Double pleasure is that the shutters can easily prevent us from unpleasant eyes and noises. Qualitative shutters produced by distinguished manufacturers are additional barrier for potential intruders as well.


Metal support for PVC windows - anti intrusion metal support for PVC

Metal support for PVC joinery, anti intrusion roof is a very important detail on the window. If properly installed, such metal support will guarantee qualitative closing, ventilation and protect from burglary. One of the anti-intrusion details of the window metal support is a type of “briar” placed on some parts of the support. If those briars are of T letter shape, than such support is considered to be anti-intrusion type, but the level of protection depends on number of briars, type of installation, etc. A difference between ordinary and anti-intrusion metal support is given on pictures bellow


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