PVC windows

PVC doors and manufacturing of PVC windows

Our PVC windows and balcony doors provide light and protect your home from noise and wind. Of course, it is important to know how your PVC windows were made. Therefore, we take care of tinniest details when it comes to the manufacturing of PVC doors and windows. Now we will tray to present you details you need to take care of , no matter if you will buy PVC windows from us, or from another manufacturer. ŠU-MA Plast windows will make you feel safe, even when it is cold weather outside, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation. The heat will remain where it is supposed, i.e. inside the house. An average house built approx. twenty or more years will lose up to 50%  of energy because of bad windows. During winter time, it is the energy spent for heating, and in summer, it is the energy spent on cooling. Therefore, it is payable if to improve windows, or replace the old ones. A good window will bring you savings within short time, and the invested money will be paid back within one or two years. New windows do not require expensive maintenance and will provide you comfortable stay at your warm house. Most of energy is lost because of badly fixed wings and door frames, lousy processed joints around the window and wall after the assembling as well as the bad insulations glass.

PVC windows will provide meeting of the following requirements:

· Draft and humidity protection
· Minimum loss of thermal energy
· Reducing of noise
· Optimal light and visibility
· Anti-intrusion protection
· Safe and easy handling
· Minimum investments into maintenance and cleaning, as well as durability.

There are plenty of PVC profile manufacturers used in production of PVC windows and PVC doors. They differ by thickness, width, number of sealing gaskets, IV protection quality and static stability.

At “ŠU-MA Plast” company we use 5-chamber profiles of Aluplast IDEAL 4000 and 5000 because of several reasons. We have several types of different profiles for door frames and wings, which allows us the most qualitative choice of profiles for specific shape or size. Also, it is very important to say that at our disposal we have large choice of PVC profiles for extension of door frames, joining of door frames under different angles or profile for fixing of window KLUPICA as well as other various profiles which can be used in various situations. Thickness of the outer cadre of PVC profile that we use id 3,5 mm. Many manufacturers use profiles of 1, 5 mm thick for the outer cadre, which is difficult to notice, especially if you do not have experience.

Characteristics of profile IDEAL 4000 and 5000 are:

· Width 70 mm
· Five chambers vertically distributed along profile cross section
· Two or three sealing gaskets, i.e. AD or MD system. A sealing gasket is of grey color for white profiles and black color for brown colored profiles which are used for tree décor.


Profile meets demands that refer to mechanical solidness

· Appropriate hardness and solidity
· Impact,   long use, chemical resistance
· Weather conditions resistance, good resistance to fire and self-extinctive when out of direct flame
· With steel profiles (hot zinc) in PVC profiles, the steel PVC profile of the door frame and wing is zinc-coated “U” profile that ensures solidness, stability and durability of our windows.


PVC doors and windows have characteristics as follows:

· Air penetration in accordance with the EU regulations
· Thermal penetration in accordance with EU standards, with the heat transmission coefficient  Kw = 1,1 W/m²K 
· Sound insulation is R  =  33 d B, which is in accordance with the EU regulations
· Water-resistance in  accordance with the EU regulations
· Glass facing can be performed with glass of all types and thickness
· Opening for ventilation of the window interiors and water/rain vent holes are located in pre-chambers, which fully preserves thermal insulation, sound insulation and what is the most important-steel reinforcement
· With Low E glass filled with Argon it is possible to accomplish kw = 1,1 W/m²K,  for the complete window, and not only for the glass


There are two types of two-wings PVC windows. First type refers to one turn-pitch wing, but the other is only turn. In this case, there is no bar in the middle of the window, but the wing adheres onto the wing. Only turn-pitch wing has a handle and must be opened first, but the wing is to be opened by upper and lower valve. If we want both our wings to be turn-pitch, than we must produce such PVC window which will have bar in the middle of the window, and in that case both turn-pitch wings will have handle and could be opened separately from each other.

Opening scheme for two-wing windows

When joining two or more windows, we use original profiles with steel strengthening for assembling of windows under 90 ° angle. Such joint will guarantee us static stability, and also will meet demands of air-ventilation and water resistance, because of special quills on the profile which fit original slot on the window frame.  

Joint under  90 °  angle

Variable joint

If we are joining two or more PVC windows under an angle that differs from 90 degrees, than we are supposed to use variable PVC angle joint which enables us joining of two windows under angle from 90-180  ° .

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