PVC Sliding doors

Push-sliding balcony door ( Paralel-schiebe-kipp turen—mechanism ) 

PVC push-sliding balcony door are produced as so-called semi-automatic frame for the push-sliding systems. With this type of door, the wing will not “drop” into prone position by itself, but has to be pulled manually (like with classic system) and also a wing must manually be returned from prone into the shut position by turning the handle.

Push sliding balcony door

It is possible to make two-wing push-sliding balcony door with one wing sliding aside, but the second one also sliding, but to another side. A fixed element must be placed from both sides and must be of one wing width. This is how we can accomplish large opening in the middle. Such doors are usually used for large balconies.

PVC push sliding doors are suitable for installation into housing areas, for closing of balconies, for winter gardens, or if you need to preserve ventilation or open very narrow area, because they cover small inner space.  

Namely, the wheels “throw out” the wing up to 120 mm of inner space, which leaves a lost of space, unlike the wings with traditional opening which cover more  space. One should keep in mind that with one wing push-sliding balcony door, the opening part always covers ½ of total width of the wing, but the other part is fixed.

Parallel-sliding balcony door (HST mechanism)– (Hebeschiebe turen)

Parallel –sliding balcony door gives possibility of closing of large areas. Maximum construction width is up to 6 m. This type of door is suitable for closing of winter gardens or large balconies..

Cross section of the sliding wing

This type of door may consist of one, two, three or four wings. Possible colors are white or wood imitation (one side, or both sides).

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