Windows Benches

PVC Inner window benches
If looking for an attractive alternative for inner wooden, marble or chipboard window bench let , then you should have look at our PVC inner benches palette. PVC benches are very resistant to temperature, humidity, sun light, scratches.

Inner PVC bench (with PVC side ending) cross section

We offer window benches of white color or with surface folio in marble imitation. White color is of high polish, and there are appropriate side covers coming with every color. They can easily be maintained by standard cleaning equipments, used in everyday life. The colors are very durable and permanent, even after many years.

White color   Marble imitation

Inner window benches are produced in dimensions, as follows:
· 150 mm 
· 200 mm 
· 250 mm 
· 300 mm 
· 350 mm 
· 400 mm 
· 450 mm 
· 500 mm 
· 600 mm

Examples of inner window benches installation with a few centimeter gap between the wall and benches and the installation onto additional support holders, in order to install the bench wider than the window opening.

Standard installation

Installation onto the support holders

Aluminum outer window benches

Installation of aluminum outer window bench is an easy procedure onto PVC, aluminum or wooden joinery. Rain-drain collector is of 25 mm height with a curved ending because of easy drain and solidness .Aluminum benches are plasticized and their lifetime is practically unlimited, but the side PVC endings prevents water from damaging facades. Our basic offers consists of outer window benches of white and brown color

Aluminium outer window bench with a PVC side ending

Installed aluminum  outer window bench with a PVC side ending

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