Masquito netting curtains

An insect net is produced out of fiberglass coated with several PVC layers. An insect fiberglass is ideal   material for housing, industrial and agricultural facilities and protects them from flies, mosquitoes and small bug in general. It ensures maximum ventilation and maximum protection. Advantages of the fiberglass insect net are as follows:

1. Good water-resistance and self-extinguishing
2. Rust resistance and resistance to influence of sun, rain and snow
3. High temperatures resistance and shape consistency
4. Easy and cheep maintenance
5. Good ventilation
6. Excellent transparency
7. Maximum solidity and stabile net structure
8. Life-time durability

Insect net

Rolling type of mosquito netting curtain Fixed  type of mosquito netting curtain

Mosquito netting curtains or insect nets are produced separately or as an additional element. They can be mounted to the balcony doors, windows, etc. At our disposal we have rolling type or fixed with vertical or horizontal opening. Basic function of the mosquito netting curtains is to enable ventilation of premises and to prevent bugs from entering premises at the same time. Rolling type of mosquito netting curtains is easy to wind on the axle, which gives one a free access when washing windows. Brushes placed on the profile guarantee durability of the netting curtain. Mosquito netting curtains can easily be made pursuant to desired dimensions, even in the filed. Edges of the net are inserted into channels which are protected by special brushes preventing from net damaging. A winding mechanism consists of the spring allowing equal winding, whereas the net is winded onto the spring.

 A frame and a box is made of aluminum plasticized in white or brown color. The whole construction of the net is movable and can be individually replaced at any time or simply removed during winter season.

The frame of the fixed mosquito netting curtain is made of aluminum profile in white and brown color. Fixed mosquito netting curtains can easily be mounted and de-mounted as well.

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