Aluminum shutters

Shutters are traditional device for sun protection. Shutters are placed on the outer side of the window, and prevent breakthrough of the strongest sun rays, in a way that those can not even reach the window itself. That way, temperature in premises remains pleasant event during hot summer season. On the other side, during cold winter nights, the layer of air between shut down shutters and the window manifests as an additional insulation. This is how heat remains in the premises of the house/building. Double pleasure is that the shutters can easily prevent us from unpleasant eyes and noises. Qualitative shutters produced by distinguished manufacturers are additional barrier for potential intruders as well.

Aluminum shutters are filled with polyurethane foam ensuring better thermal and sound insulation. Wide spectrum of colors for aluminum shutters gives to a customer possibility to combine them with PVC and aluminum windows. Every second steel flange has a PVC ending that prevents flange from sliding aside and therefore prevents flange to become immovable during shuttering.

We are offering you to choose one out of three types of mechanism:

Belt mechanism -classis solution!

Crank mechanism

Electro-engine mechanism-Luxury at your home

All three types are reliable and easy to handle .
PVC box for shutters Round-line®: All advantages are visible at first glance:

· Recommended construction, applicable to new as well as renovated buildings.
· Rounded cover
· Short time of manufacture and mounting
· Easy mounting due to various possibilities of adaptation
· Excellent static
· High thermal insulation
· Very good sound insulation
· Décor assortment coordinated with windows and doors
· PVC of high quality
· Easy recycling in function of environmental policy

Aluminum shutter boxes can ideally be combined with PVC and aluminum windows. Simple mounting to already build-in window is the main advantage of the aluminum boxes.

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