Metal support for PVC windows - anti intrusion metal support for PVC

Metal support for PVC joinery, anti intrusion roof is a very important detail on the window. If properly installed, such metal support will guarantee qualitative closing, ventilation and protect from burglary. One of the anti-intrusion details of the window metal support is a type of “briar” placed on some parts of the support. If those briars are of T letter shape, than such support is considered to be anti-intrusion type, but the level of protection depends on number of briars, type of installation, etc. A difference between ordinary and anti-intrusion metal support is given on pictures bellow

Example of safety lock 

Example Striker

Against burglary Striker

Ordinary Striker

However, in most of cases burglar attack a part of the window around hinge, from the outer side. This can be prevented if we place screws that would hold both sides of steel strengthening and will block the opening. Still, burglars can always break the glass and that is why we recommend other types of protection as well as their combining in order to keep the building safe as possible.
Our windows have a “brake” installed on the handle, or preventers that obstructs improper window opening when in a prone position, or open position, which at the same time protects side wall by the window. This brake will prevent turning of the handle, as long as the wing is not in the closed position.

Brake detail

It is important to install additional extension of the metal support onto scissors for opening, so it would close the space between two hinges and also will close the bottom of the window up to 850 mm length. With a two-wing window, it is necessary to install middle  auxiliary hinge  on the auxiliary wing between two hinges which is actually hidden in the metal support slot.

Hidden auxiliary hinge for the wing without handle

PVC or anti-intrusion metal support details

There are many other significant details for PVC joinery, but their installation affects the price. That is why we often meet customer saying ”Another firm offers white PVC window, but much cheaper..”, but at this point they do not think much about what they are getting for their money, and what they really need. Proper anti-intrusion protection is very important  and many customers start to think about that when it is already late-after the burglary.
Also, the handle with the lock and key guarantees control of opening of windows in a nursery and it is an additional safety detail preventing handle turning  during the burglary.

Safet handles with the lock and key

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