Aluminium Windows

Aluminum windows are made of profiles with or without thermal bridge switch off, but the features of the profile are extreme static resistance and qualitative superficial protection. 
Thermal bridge switch off represents profiles divided into two parts, but which are mutually joined by special material created of polyamide resin strengthened by glass fibers. Polyamide resin isolates outer from inner side of the profile in order to create thermal barriers.

Windows are equipped by qualitative support of modern design, ensuring perfect functioning and easy handling. Windows may be opened via vertical and horizontal axis, as well as the making of arc openings.

Aluminum windows are ideal solution for covering large surfaces. Solidness of material and durability guarantee quality that does not require special maintenance. Therefore aluminum windows can easily be  applied in almost all business areas, markets and halls. You can be assured that a qualitative aluminum window will protect you from noise and coldness, and the chamber system is guaranteed by the thermal bridge switch off that along with IZO glass creates a window with high-quality insulation performances.

If you want to have windows of any dimensions, modern straight and even lines in any color, than the aluminum window is a right solution for you. Thanks to their durability and solidity aluminum windows and doors can be applied to complex architectonical buildings and frequently in family houses

When constructing a building, a special attention is to be given to windows as an equally important element of sound and thermal insulation. Carelessly chosen windows may diminish all advantages of the chosen system of sound or thermal insulation of the whole building.

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