House section doors

Provide best possible conditions to your automobile. You will achieve this by installing our sectional garage doors. Safe protection from burglaries, maximum usage of space and easy installation and use ware main reasons to choose our sectional garage door.
A possibility to choose an engine mechanism, type and colors of panel will give you full freedom while making project and plan for family house or business area.

Engine mechanism ( spindle, springs,  cable and safety brakes), Horizontal guide, Panels (sections) with hinges and wheels , Vertical guide

We can offer you two types of house sectional door:

1. With an electro-engine
2. With a manual lift handle 

House door with an electro-engine 

Standard equipment:
1. An electro engine to be placed at ceiling
2. 2 remote controllers
3. Integrated protection system when reaching a barrier
4. Integrated light
5. Integrated mechanical lift system in case of power brake-down

An engine for house garage doors

House doors with a manual lift handle

 Standard equipment:
1. Mechanical system to lock/unlock
2. Manual lift handle

All doors can have integrated/build in door (pedestrian passing).

Panels in décor of “Golden Oak”

Small windows in a panel

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