Industrial section doors

Industrial sectional doors are ideal not only for garages, but all areas where transport, passage, loading/unloading directly  from trucks takes place. Also, in combination with aluminum panels, with Plexiglas filling, they can fully adjust to areas intended for workshops, car dealers, fair business areas, etc..
We can offer you two types of industrial sectional doors:

1. With an electro-engine
2. With a manual lift handle

Industrial door 

with an electro-engine
Standard equipment:
1. An electro engine to be placed at spindle
2. Commanding console with three commands: UP, STOP, DOWN
3. Integrated mechanical lift system via chain in case of power brake-down

Additional equipment:

1. Safety system TST-2 is to be attached with one pair of photo-cells placed in lower sealing gasket and has same function as safety ending lath (KS lath). Actually, this is an integrated protection system when reaching an obstacle with optical-electronic sensors.
2. 2 remote controllers (only in a package with TST-2 system)
3. Integrated safety mechanical blockades in case steel cables of the mechanism break down. This is an option that exists with big doors.

An engine for industrial, garage doors

An engine for industrial, garage doors :

A) Engine housing

B) Transmission mechanism for mechanical drive

C )Mechanical drive chain

with a manual lift mechanism
Standard equipment:
1. Integrated mechanical lift system via chain
2. All doors can have integrated/build in door (pedestrian passing).

Industrial door with aluminum panels

“A door inside of a door” (pedestrian passing)

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