They are used for both exterior and interior coating facilities and the best aesthetic and economic ...

Alubond fasade

Aluminum facades are combinations of various materials, technology and new construction trends. They are used for outer in inner facing of buildings, and represent best esthetic and economic solutions for new built areas, as well as for renovated  buildings. Large glass surfaces and modern design can be used as natural light source. Aluminum facades are used for exhibition areas and areas of similar purposes.


Glass facades

Day by day glass is becoming more important in a modern architecture. It is a material that can replace so-far used materials , such as bricks, blocks, etc.. Glass characteristics ensure complete thermal insulation , acoustic , solar, UV protection, allowing us to face complete buildings by glasses-glass facades.
An adequate choice of modern qualitative glasses if directed towards accomplishing desired results (light transfer, K-value, solar factor) in the building itself and outer appearance of the building (external reflection, color of the building, etc..).


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