Alubond fasade

Aluminum facades are combinations of various materials, technology and new construction trends. They are used for outer in inner facing of buildings, and represent best esthetic and economic solutions for new built areas, as well as for renovated  buildings. Large glass surfaces and modern design can be used as natural light source. Aluminum facades are used for exhibition areas and areas of similar purposes.
Elegant design, various styles, interesting surfaces, harmony, stunning light effects-all these can be achieved by ALUCOBOND composite panels. ALUCOBOND is an easy composite material combining two aluminum plate 0,5 mm thick, with a polyurethane filling of 2-5 mm thick. Total thickness of the panel is 3-6 mm, but standard panel dimensions are: 1250x4000 mm, 1500x4000 mm, and 1500x3200 mm, up to maximum value 1575x8000 mm.

Wide color palette (19 standard colors) of ALUCOBOND enables fitting into any environments and gives a full freedom when designing. ALUCOBOND characteristics are as follows: great solidity and flexibility, water-resistance, impact resistance, vibration absorbent, inner pollution resistance and fully recycling. It is light (4 mm = 5.5 kg/m2), can be easily mounted and maintained. Alucobond preserves its characteristic within temperature range from -50 C to +80 C.

Aluminum facades are composed of self-carrying elements made of aluminum profiles and glass. Elements are composed of supporting verticals, which are to be strengthened onto concrete construction, and fixed parts of facade, windows and doors are to be build into the verticals. Windows are to be coated with thermal glass, but parapet field is to be covered by enamel, reflexive glass, and aluminum plate or alucobond panel.

In accordance with technical-constructive characteristics, we can offer:

· Continuous (classic),

· Semi-structural and

· Structural façade

The simplest type of façade is the continuous (classic) facade. Classic facade is the facade with pillars and crossbars. Profiles are of various dimensions and that way we get capacity for every single project. Various final profiles can be placed on the outer side, and may be towards outer side or placed in the same line.

A bit complex facade system is the semi-structural facade. Semi-structural facade is composed of aluminum frames with the glass. Color of glass is similar to the color of frames, and for that reason aluminum profile can be visible from the outer side, but very slightly, where only brims of which the semi-structural facade is made of, can be spotted.

Structural facade represents, unlike semi-structural and continuous facade, the facade system without visible aluminum supporting profiles. Structural facades are being carried out by gluing of the glass onto aluminum profiles. This is how we get a facade without visible aluminum profiles. Window openings differ from the rest of the facade and mainly are meant to be opened towards the outer side. There is a minimum space left between glasses, which gives an impression as if the facade was fully made of glass, because aluminum profiles can not be spotted. This is how the glass is dominant and esthetic impression is accomplished.

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